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How To Pick A LASIK Eye Surgeon

LASIK is referred to the surgery performed on the human eye to reshape the cornea, which eventually produces clearer vision and also reduces the person’s needs to wear spectacles or contact lenses. LASIK involves the use of a laser which is directed on the cornea of the eye to correct vision problems in a human being. Today LASIK includes the use of new wave front guided technology in the custom LASIK system which provides better results than before.

Today we lay more emphasis on the how to pick a good LASIK surgeon. Find out if the surgeon is associated with any reputable medical center or a medical hospital. You can also ask your ophthalmologist to recommend good surgeons for LASIK.

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Ask the surgeon since how many years he is being practicing LASIK surgery. A good surgeon should be performing refractive surgery for a minimum of 3 years and also he should have performed more than 500 surgeries at least.

Before going in for a surgery, it is necessary to make an appointment of consultation with the surgeon that you have finally selected. A good surgeon will conduct a thorough test on your eyes and then suggest the best procedure for you. The surgeon may tell you to follow some pre-operation procedures like applying eye drops some days before the operation.

It is prudent to go for a surgeon who treats you like a friend and instills some confidence in you. A surgeon’s responsibility does not get over once the surgery is performed.

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